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Atticus instantly deciphers and scores privacy policies using a consumer-focused rubric, providing a clear overall score for better-informed online interactions.

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Request an analysis for any website. Our AI swiftly breaks down the legal jargon, letting you know what you're agreeing to.

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Each requested analysis expands our directory, making the web a more transparent place.

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Understand common privacy terms and company data practices, empowering you to choose which sites to trust with your usage.

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Atticus is revolutionizing legal accessibility, starting with technology entrepreneurs. Our mission is to simplify your legal journey, ensuring that the thrill of starting a business isn't overshadowed by legal complexities.

Our AI-powered tools from contract analysis to upcoming contract generation, are crafted to simplify and secure your start-ups legal needs. As your legal ally, we're making it easier to start, grow, and protect your business.

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